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Where Can You Find Reliable Pump Parts?

Before you decide your entire pump system needs replacing, consider opting for a more affordable option. Instead of needing a new pump, maybe your pump needs a new part? To learn the truth and get quality pump parts, Central IL residents choose Armature Motor & Pump Co. to help them out.

At Armature Motor & Pump Co., we work with you to repair your pumps before outright replacing them. Our skilled technicians can identify any issue with a pump and provide the proper part to resolve it. As a machine shop with 25 years of experience, Armature Motor & Pump Co. can get your pumps running fast and affordably.

When Does a Part Need Fixing?

The professionals at Armature Motor & Pump Co. can assist you in determining what pump parts need replacing. Based on the problem the pump is incurring, whether residential or commercial, the related component may be damaged.

Loud Sounds

When a pump is making sounds it normally doesn’t there’s a potential issue with one of its parts. If the bearing assembly is broken, the rotation of the impeller can be compromised, causing friction and creating the noises you hear.

Not Moving Liquid

When a pump turns on but isn’t “pumping,” this could be caused by a variety of issues. The main problem could be the impeller, which is the main component that draws water through the pump. Additionally, the shaft might not be transferring the power needed to move the impeller.


When a pump has noticeable issues with leaking, it can be caused by the break-down of seals. Parts such as gaskets and o-rings keep a pump sealed properly. If a pump begins to leak, it may also have issues with keeping pressure high enough to fully function.

Not Turning On

When a pump won’t switch on, the issue may be in the motor. Age or constant use can wear a motor down, causing it to give out. Even if a motor is running but not properly, a pump’s power may suffer.

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Other Services We Provide

If you thought Armature Motor & Pump Co. only supplied pump parts, Central IL locals will tell you differently. Our services include:

Additionally, our technicians are qualified to perform laser alignment and dynamic balancing for any motor or pump system.

We’re a Call Away

As the leading machine shop for servicing pumps, motors and air compressors, it’s no wonder Central IL trusts the work Armature Motor & Pump Co. can do. For service of your own, call us today at 309-699-4267. Also, you may find us located at 3011 N. Main Street, East Peoria, IL 61611.