Electric Motor Repair East Peoria IL

Don’t Be Shocked by Faulty Electric Motors

Did you ever think your dishwasher not washing and your air conditioning not running could both be caused by the same issue? That’s right! When these machines begin to act up, it’s time to look for electric motor repair. East Peoria IL offers the most dependable service for fixing motors through Armature Motor & Pump Co.

The technicians of Armature Motor & Pump Co. are the best in the industry. We have the tools and skills necessary to repair any electric motor, no matter the size. With rigorous training and an eye for detail, our professional repairmen get your motors running better than before.

When’s the Right Time to Repair Your Motors?

It’s not always apparent when your electric motor needs repair. Other than the obvious signs of an appliance or machine not functioning, there are other ways to tell when it’s time to get your electric motor looked at.

  • Sound
    • No electric motor should be making too much noise. If you notice your motor running more loudly than usual, it may need fixing. Sounds like grinding or scraping can mean poor shaft alignment or a damaged bearing.
  • Heat
    • An electric motor always runs at a cool temperature. In some cases of overuse, it may run hot, but otherwise should remain cooler. If a motor is running hot all the time, it can mean parts have worn out and are causing too much friction.
  • Energy
    • If you begin to see an increase in power usage from a piece of machinery, it may mean an electric motor is attempting to run harder than it should. Not only does this risk motor failure, but can lead to higher energy bills, drained batteries or an electrical overload.
  • Age
    • Simply put, if a motor has become too old, it will no longer run properly. In this scenario you may think replacement is the best option. However, an easier fix may be to replace the most warn out parts of a motor first.
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Our Other Services

Armature Motor & Pump Co. can go beyond electric motor repair. East Peoria IL locals know to come to us when it comes time to repair or replace their pumps and air compressors as well. Through brands like Abb Baldor and Victor Technologies, we only supply the highest quality parts and accessories. Additionally, we’re certified to perform laser alignment and dynamic balancing for any motors or pumps.

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