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Whether your motor needs bearings, reconditioned or rewound, our shop can provide you with all your motor needs. Fractional horsepower up to 1500 hp 4160V AC up to 800 hp DC.

Our trained technicians are qualified to provide an exceptional customer experience for all your electric motor service needs. We assess your project and provide sound advice on repair or replacement, installation, and maintenanceSee our current inventory to see what we have in stock or call us today for your FREE quote.

All repair jobs are supplied with a print out copy of the following upon request:

  • Dynamic Balance of rotating equipment
  • Inspection Report
  • Motor final test run
Electric Motors
What you get from us!


  • Rewind random or form wound AC & DC
  • Brake coils and obsolete coils
  • Repair worn shafts & Housings, Make new shafts & Housings
  • Dynamic Balance rotor
Electric Motors
Hassle - Free inclusive services
  • Industrial HVAC motors and blowers
  • Spa and pool motors
  • Agricultural / Municipal
  • 115 to 4160-volt motors
Electric Motors
Motor Rewind

Known as a dying art, hand wound stators can save you time and money. We combine years of expertise with high-quality wire and insulating materials to rewind motors. After data is taken and rewind is complete, we then submerge the rewound stator into a water-soluble varnish that forms a hard spike resistant winding that is fit to withstand rigors of harsh environments and VFD’s.

  • Quality materials
  • Saving time and money